Flame Resistant Nomex IIIA Unlined Coveralls: Getting The Best For Less

Professional men and women around the world depend on their work wear to allow them the flexibility and expertise needed to complete the daily tasks to the best of their ability. If you worry about your working apparel, chances are good you are not fulfilling your tasks as good as you can. When you work in a hazardous environment or work under harsh conditions, a mistake can cost you dearly – maybe even your life. That is why many people choose to wear Nomex IIIA unlined coveralls for all their protective needs.

What do you get when you trust the exceptional quality, construction, and comfort of Nomex IIIA?

Unlined coveralls are an important part of many men’s and women’s daily working existence. This is the apparel that covers you from head to foot. Sometimes, the protection needed is simply a protection from water, mud, dirt, or other such things; however, there are conditions where protective apparel is so very needed. If you work around chemicals, flame, heat, cold, electricity, or other such elements, chances are very good you understand the importance of protective working apparel.


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When you trust Nomex IIIA, unlined coveralls are just the beginning. You get so much more.

You get comfort; you get superior construction; you get value; you get Bulwark!

Bulwark is a material that is inherently flame resistance meaning it does not get dipped, coated, or fused with a magical flame resistant agent. Instead, this material is as inherently flame resistant as cotton is soft. Believe it or not, you may even discover that Bulwark is extremely soft as well.

Sometimes, Nomex IIIA mixes cotton with Bulwark to come up with another line of highly flame resistant and flame resistant material. Nothing feel so good; nothing looks as professional.

4.5-ounce Contractor Unlined Coveralls

There are perfect for the professional contractor needing a minimal weight of protection. These are heavy duty, but lightweight. You will discover that you get the ability to easily bind the cuffs on the arms and/or legs making a sealed inner suit, or wear straight over a pair of boots. The color options allow you to choose a preferred color that correlates with your company and business.

6-ounce Deluxe Unlined Coverall


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This is one of the reasons Nomex IIIA is so darn popular. These are exceptional and offer you more. You get a heavier weight of protection, and you will find you get additional pockets and other benefits. The length is perfect for both men and women. The waist is easily going to fit many girths. The lining can be added easily by you should you decide for an additional level of protection. Easy to wear, and easy to launder.

6-ounce Deluxe Unlined Coveralls With Reflective Trim

For the ultimate in reflective, flame resistant work wear, these are going to simply blow your mind. Absolutely perfect for men or women needing a bit of extra visibility while working in hazardous conditions. The reflective strips are aesthetically placed and optimized for your protection and comfort. This is an easy to launder Nomex IIIA example of super quality and value working for you and your future.

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